"So, what’s wrong with Reading, John?"

Not a lot’s wrong with the place really but that’s not important when you bear a grudge, no matter how trivial.

First, there’s football.
Both Wolves and Swansea were doing appallingly badly (for different reasons) in Division 3 during the 1985/86 season and both were relegated while Reading were division champions by 7 clear points.
[[Funnily enough, three years on and in the 1988/89 season, Wolves are champions of Division 3 by 8 clear points and Reading avoid relegation on the last day.]]

Second, there’s women.
Back in the 1985, I had left University and settled down to unemployment and living in a Swansea bedsit. Money was tight and I had no real job or prospects but I was happy. Well, as happy as you can be with no money, no real job or prospects.
My girlfriend of the time, Reading born, decided (quite astutely) that Swansea was not the place to start a career so we would have to leave when she graduated for … Reading. So in 1987, I said goodbye to 5 years of Uni and unemployment and moved back to England.

Grudges, like football teams, are for life.

[[Recreated from Greengoblin.co.uk blog]]

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