Hey there Cthulhu

One of my most favourite tracks of recent years is “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s. I would happily play the song repeatedly – just simply a marvellous piece of music – if I had a copy of it but my music library contains none of the band’s music.

And then today CthulhuChick shared a video on Facebook about an independent Xbox game called “Cthulhu Saves The World”. On the face of it, not a revolutionary game but what’s that playing in the background?

“Hey there Cthulhu, down there in your sunken city
You’re a billion light years distant and the stars look very pretty
From R’lyeh
So close and yet so far away
Iä, Ië”

Immediately had to go and buy the track from Eben Brooks’ web site and play it… and play it… and play it… Aagh, make it stop!

I emailed Eben for advice on how to get the song out of my head and he suggested singing Yellow Submarine instead. I suppose at least that Beatles song has less screaming in it.

And then I went and bought “Hey There Delilah”…

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