Job hunting

December had 3 interviews (WebSense in TVP; MMA Insurance on Vastern Road; and South Oxfordshire District Council in interestingly-named Crowmarsh Gifford) which all ended in rejection.

One problem I perceive is that I am over qualified for the jobs I’m applying for which means the interviewers may think I’ll get bored and won’t hang around. I could be wrong, though – I was apparently a strong 2nd for the MMA role. It might just be a cause of grinding through the application/interview cycle until I get lucky and beat the opposition.

After a few weeks off for Christmas, I’m back to applying for jobs with 4 this morning. Two, though, seem on further analysis seem to be the same (and both for the same recruitment company). Although the job titles are different, the descriptive texts contain several common elements. So we’ll call that 3 today instead.

This afternoon I signed on at the job centre for my NI contribution of £12 towards my state pension. Hopefully that’s worth the trouble at retirement as the parking costs £1.50 alone. I could cycle in, I know, which wouldn’t take much longer, what with the London Road and Kings Road traffic. Maybe next time.

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