Joining the Cosmopolitan Club

Had a pleasant time in Ha Ha bar & grill tonight. I had forgotten what time I was supposed to be there and accidentally arrived an hour early for the arranged meal with Sue. To fill the time I was therefore forced to try out a few cocktails – it was “happy hour” from 5pm-8pm, or “Cosmopolitan Club” as they call it, which meant prices were £3.50 each instead of £7. Seven quid for a cocktail… (although the bar staff did make lovely-looking and very tasty ones).


Stolichnaya Vanil vodka, cacao dark, Kahlúa, Frangelico, honey and a dash of cream, all shaken with ice, then served with a dusting of chocolate.


Malibu, Midori melon liqueur and créme de banane, shaken over ice, with pineapple juice and lime.


Smirnoff Black and Grey Goose citron vodka, shaken with lemon juice and elderflower cordial, then topped with tonic.

The Martini was a challenge to drink as the honey formed a sludge at the bottom and was damned hard to suck up a straw. The trick was to put the end of the straw at the honey~booze boundary so that the cocktail washed the honey up the straw.

The Dune Bug had a green layer of Midori neatly positioned at the bottom which, unfortunately, quickly disappeared up the straw to leave a banana and pineapple cocktail. Maybe that’s the idea?

The Lemongrad was nice and refreshing – must try and make this one at home. Looking at the ingredients, though, it does just look like a fancy vodka & lemonade.

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