Chocolate Weetabix?

My daughter has recently moved from plain Weetabix to ones studded with chocolate – which is understandable as a plain Weetabix biscuit is a very dull affair.

I had assumed that this would be a very unhealthy move as chocolate breakfasts are usually appallingly bad for you. Looking at the numbers on the side of the packet, though, was quite surprising.

Per 100g Plain Chocolate  
Energy 338 346 kcals
Protein 11.5 10.6 grammes
Carbs 68.4 66.6 grammes
of which sugar 4.4 15.9 grammes
Fat 2 4.1 grammes
of which saturated 0.6 1.8 grammes
Fibre 10 10.5 grammes
Salt 0.26 0.21 grammes

I was expecting there to be a big difference in calories – which there wasn’t. The amount of sugar was higher but not terribly high considering the recommended adult daily intake of 90g. Fat content of 4g instead of 2g is reasonably trivial.

After a while I noticed something I hadn’t thought of – a chocolate-studded biscuit is much heavier than a plain one of the same size. 100g of the traditional breakfast is nearly six biscuits but a similar weight of the chocolate alternative is just over four chocolate ones. Basically the table above shows 3 days’ worth of plain against only 2 days’ worth of chocolate.

So I was back where I started – chocolate breakfasts are unhealthy versions Smile

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