Healthy cooking – so shockingly easy

Last night I made a freezer-clearing soup and have decided to see how healthy (or not) the mixture is.

The bulk of the soup was a kilo (cooked weight) of seafood:

  • 160g tiger prawn tails
  • 250g Chilean mussels
  • 240g tuna steak
  • 150g grilled salmon steak
  • 400g white fish (can’t find original bag; do remember it did say “best before” some time in 2009…)

Amazingly that’s only 1200 calories and 27g of fat. Red warning on the salt level – the prawns and mussels bring over 6g to the table. No need to season this meal (although watch out for the stock cubes later on).

Next the fried garlic, onions, yellow pepper and mushrooms. No big surprise but the use of Spanish olive oil added 400 calories and 45g of fat to the meal.

And finally the stock – a tin of chopped tomatoes, and some stock cubes in water (and some cayenne pepper). Over 3g of salt from the stock cubes to add to the salty seafood makes 10g in total.

So, totals are:

  Calories Fat of which saturated Salt Sugars
Fish 1200 27g 7g 7g trace
Fried vegetables 525 46g 7g trace 5g
Stock 105 trace trace 3g 17g
Grand total 1830 73g 14g 10g 22g
per 100g 92 3.7g 0.7g 0.5g 1.1g

And that makes four generous bowls of soup, maybe 2kg in total weight. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a ready meal with those sort of nutritional numbers.

It has taken a lot of will power for me not to just finish the lot off myself and eat nothing else for the day.

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