I’m online. Other forms of communication are fading away.

As is usual, I had Tweetdeck running and spotted one of the comedians I stalk follow (Sue Perkins) retweet Neil Knighton’s request for people to help out in a Twitter survey.

[[Note 1 – Sue Perkins’ About Me on MySpace – “I’m a 21 year old blond with breasts like space hoppers. My hobbies include wearing a pork pie hat, plasticising autopsied cadavers and fantasising that I’m Gunter von Haagens.” – may be false]]


Mildly intrigued, I clicked over to the survey where I was asked a range of questions including which newspapers and magazines I read, and if I had Tweeted on something inspired by TV/radio/newspapers/magazines/discussions with friends/family/colleagues.

These questions were very easy to answer [[although see Note 2]]  as I no longer read printed newspapers or magazines, ignoring the occasional browse if one was left on a train, and rarely listen to the radio or watch TV. Most of the things I find worthy of Tweeting about have been found on the Internet or through hands-on experience in the real world. Amusingly, any news or articles I choose to read or watch will be hosted on the websites created by the same companies that produce the newspapers and TV programmes … that I no longer read or watch.

If you do complete the survey, you may need a little help in determining how long you’ve been Tweeting:

How long have you been tweeting?

[[Note 2 – Don’t make the same mistake I did – when the survey talks about Newspapers, it means both physical and online. I answered assuming he mean physical newspapers]]

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