Went to the 11am showing of Rango this morning. The car park was almost empty and we had the whole of screen 4 to ourselves. Like being at home but with a slightly bigger screen.

I’d been looking forward to seeing Rango since the trailers came out as Johnny Depp was in it (if only his voice) so it was bound to be good. That’s how fans think – and there was a PotC 4 trailer before Rango too. Bliss!

But it didn’t matter who did the voices in Rango as the film was so lovely that you just got swept along without noticing (Bill Nighy as the snake? Really?).

The story itself is easily recognisable to anyone that’s seen at least a few westerns so you already know, or at least suspect, who the bad guy is and what his motives are.

The attractions instead are the group of characters created by computer on the screen and the various homages to western movies and cowboys of old.

Can’t recommend this film enough.

P.S. Is Clint Eastwood really 80?

P.P.S. Why do animals-as-humans get to use other animals as beasts of burden?

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