Useful day in the garden

The first weekend of the year with decent sunshine and free time to spend on the garden.

Samantha mowed the lawn after a little persuasion.

I hedge-trimmed the bush next to the patio.

Sue had a go at weeding the flower beds – a.k.a. taking war to the brambles.

The two hanging baskets were cleared of last year’s dead plants and given new life through packets of seeds (pansies and little tiny white flowers).

Indoors, five coir pots were filled with damp compost and topped with seeds that would eventually become Venus flytraps.

The plastic greenhouse was given a new roof of second-hand bubble-wrap to cover up the holes that had appeared in it last year; the original plastic seems to get very brittle after just one summer’s sunshine.

And all the time the rats continue to raid the bird feeders for peanuts.

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