In mourning for AV

It’s really depressing that AV didn’t win the vote. I just feel so annoyed with people, especially the ones that were involved in the NoToAV campaign, that I want to go outside for an extended bout of shouting.

Sadly, a referendum about changing a process was derailed by vested interests, negative campaigning, anti-Clegg sentiment and ignorance.

  • I realise both sides have vested interests and that the LibDems stood to gain from AV while the other major parties would lose but that doesn’t make them equal; cf. any recent North African uprising.
  • The NoToAV campaign was a sickening example of how to destroy the opposite view, not through a well argued challenge but with lies, scaremongering and misrepresentation that wouldn’t seem out of place at a BNP rally.
  • I have seen comments posted on the Internet by people I had previously thought intelligent that they were voting No to send a message to Nick Clegg. How petty and short-sighted! This isn’t the same as voting for some other party at the local elections, as many obviously did, and unseating LibDems up and down the country in a spiteful rage – that’s normal and to be expected; using local elections to reflect opinion on national issues happens all the time. No, this is screwing up our chances of electoral reform for many years to come.
  • My father-in-law doesn’t see the point of AV and so didn’t bother voting for it. I understand that – if you don’t see a need for something then you’re not going to want it. Myself, I’ve taken part in counting votes at a handful of Reading University Student Union elections and as a result AV makes so much sense to me. I’m not sure which particular flavour RUSU use but the principal is the same.
    I remember one year where the first round leader (equivalent to the First-past-the-post winner) didn’t get to be President. That candidate was strongly supported by the sports societies but didn’t have much of a profile amongst the much larger general student body; the eventual winner was pretty much the opposite and it was only through the process of removing the other candidates with fewer votes from the running that a better picture of which of the two main candidates was really the most popular appeared. After you’ve seen AV in action, you cannot comprehend why FPTP is still in use.

[[I can feel that this is going to keep me annoyed for days.]]

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