Uncaged Monkeys

I had booked a ticket for this tour ages ago on the back of seeing Robin Ince doing stand-up comedy a few times at GuilFest and, more recently, his stance on science touted on Twitter. I’m glad I did as the show was great entertainment and very inspirational.


with guests Prof Steve Jones, Matt Parker
and Helen Arney (who contributed geeky themed music)

One thing with this tour, though, that differentiates it from the normal music of comedy gig you may see at the Hexagon is the acute feeling of just being able to scratch the surface. If a band were playing, especially one as old as the Stones, say, then there will always be a number of tracks they can’t play for time constraints; maybe even whole albums will be missed out. With “Uncaged Monkeys”, they have the whole of human endeavour as the back catalogue and, as such, the show had a very fragmented feel.

I didn’t really get a feel for what the audience was really like – it’s not the same as a rock concert where you just have to look at the t-shirts – but I’m reasonably confident the Uncaged Monkeys were preaching to the converted. I did, though, find myself making some dreadful assumptions about a trio of silver-haired pensioners further along my row who looked like doting grannies but in reality could well have been retired scientists.

Things I learnt this evening:

  • why blonds come from Scandanavia
  • how pharmaceutical companies can legally hide studies that put their products in a bad light and how they set up other studies to give their products a guaranteed win.
  • how proficient a speaker Prof Brian Cox is
  • how stupid creationists are (OK, I’m joking – I knew this already)
  • how much you can laugh while at a science show

Steve Jones: “Arguing with creationists is like boxing a blancmange. After a knock-out, it will just wobble and come back at you, still a blancmange” after showing the infamous “Banana: Atheists’ Nightmare” video.

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