47th Birthday

Today I actually get to be the age I approximate my age to all year. I don’t really keep track of the number anymore so simply subtract birth_year from current_year to work out how old I am. So this year I’m 47. If it’s important to get it right then I’ll think if it’s June yet or not and correct it to “still 46”.

Sue decided to cook me a 3-course meal today but, Sue being Sue, I wasn’t really sure whether it would be lunch or tea until it appeared on the table.

  • Devilled eggs (maybe too many!)
  • Goat’s cheese and beetroot on red cabbage and wild rice (plus salvaged BBQ chicken)
  • Blueberry and lemon curd Eton mess

All very tasty and filling.

Next was off to see “Pirates of the Caribbean IV” at Vue. I’ve enjoyed all three of the earlier films and this one was just as good. Took until the credits to work out who played Blackbeard – it was Lovejoy (Ian McShane). Disappointed by Richard Griffiths as the King. Depp was great, although I’m sure he’s been better.

And to finish off the day, a trip to Sweeney and Todd’s pie emporium where luckily they had a pie on offer that Samantha would eat. Note to Sue – when ordering a bottle of wine, check beforehand that someone else is sharing it with you.

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