UK Games Expo 2011 bring and buy stall

The stall moves around from year to year but never seems to have enough space.


There were a huge range of second hand games being put up for sale but I wasn’t really in the mood to buy:

  1. We already have too many games (yes, it is possible)
  2. Money spent here would not be spent on the newer games available at the trade stands
  3. I didn’t fancy carrying purchases around all day

Despite this, my family (i.e. not me) purchased a few:


Cranium Zigity, Check Out! and, yet another Reiner Knizia (RK) game for the collection, Atlanteon. According to BoardgameGeek, Atlanteon is a reprint of Revolution, a RK game set in Paris. I’ve noticed this a few times where RK has designed a game and then repackages it with the same mechanics but different title/design/whatever. The game I won in the Kniziathon is one example.


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