UK Games Expo 2011 Kniziathon

Every games convention should endeavour to run a Kniziathin or something similar. The premise is simple – a number of games are made available (in this case, all are by Reiner Knizia) and people turn up and play them whenever they want; each game scores points for the players and how many depends on such variables as the difficulty of the game, number of players, and if they won or not.

We like these events for a couple of reasons:

  1. You get to play as many different RK games as you can manage without the pressure to buy anything; it’s a sad comment on our family that we usually get to play more games  this way then we do at home around the dining room table.
  2. We get to win stuff.

This year we played:

  • Poison (a card game where you want to end up with some cards but not others).
  • Drahtseilakt {Tightrope} (another card game where you need to win and lose to end up quits; found this very tricky).
  • Dragon Parade (a nice theme of Chinese dragon parade with the object of placing street vendor stalls where you expect the parade to finish)
  • Sushizock im Gockelwok (a Yahtzee style dice game where dice are rolled to win tiles; we’d played this last year too; part of the The Chicken Family of Zoch).
  • Exxtra {Excape} (another dice game, this one relying on assessing risks and probabilities well)
  • Razzia! (an auction game similar to Ra; need to collect enough cards of a particular type to score points)


We would like to play other people as well as each other but it’s not always easy to find a lone player or two to recruit.

This year the Breakwells were up against the Kilfords; as they had started playing earlier, it wasn’t possible to catch them up and the final table was:

  1. Zoe Kilford (99 pts)
  2. Jean Kilford (65 pts)
  3. Geoff Kilford (52 pts)
  4. John Breakwell (46 pts)

Apparently 5th place was shared between Sue Breakwell and the 4th Kilford.

As a prize, I picked an autographed copy of Yin Yang (which is almost the same as the Tightrope game) to add to my RK collection.  


Rumour has it that next year there won’t be a Kniziathon due to the demands for space – there is a queue of traders willing to pay money to get their tables into the convention and this games competition – which doesn’t generate revenue – may end up being sacrificed. 

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