How to take the long way to the pub

Today was farewell meal’n’drinks for someone in our company and we planned to go to The Crown in Playhatch after work. As we would be drinking, I decided to cycle to work – only a few miles – instead of taking the car.

As we left the office after work, I was offered a lift – I could leave my bike at the office and they would bring me back after the meal. I turned down the kind offer…

Soon I was cycling the 1.6 miles to the pub with the incredibly simple route in my head – basically go in a straight line for a while and then turn left. No problem.

Except at the roundabout where I had to turn left, I took the second left as that looked the correct route. After a mile I had cycled up a steep hill and was surrounded by empty fields. Luckily I chanced upon a cyclist who gave me directions to The Crown.

Which I completely mismatched with my mental map and was soon cycling back down Henley Road, a lot faster this time, towards Sonning where I was convinced another roundabout existed that I needed to turn off at. I drive that route every day. There is no other roundabout that turns off to the left.

So back again although this time I cycle the wrong way down one-way Spring Lane where this time a friendly pedestrian directs me. Back onto Henley Road again and this time I take the correct turning.

Apologies to my boss who had given up waiting and went out looking to see if my body was lying on the road somewhere.

  • Shortest distance between work and pub – 1.6 miles
  • Actual distance travelled – 5.6 miles


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2 Responses to How to take the long way to the pub

  1. Chris Hyde says:

    Ummm don’t think I’ll invite you on my boat to handle the navigation! Perhaps you need a sat nav on your bike?

  2. I was definitely cursing the absence of one…

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