Autoroute 2010

I’ve just upgraded to the latest version of Autoroute (it feels weird buying Microsoft products from a retail outlet like Amazon…). As expected, they’ve changed the user interface. Not to make it look like the Office products, though. No, now we have a bunch of colourful buttons making up the standard toolbar instead of something more like the Office ribbon.

But that is of little interest as I can no longer see the zoom feature I’m used to. In AR2007 you had two icons – an arrow icon for selecting an area and a hand for dragging the screen. Normally I would select a rectangle on the map and click it to zoom in. In the new version it appears I can only drag the map and then make use of a slider scale to zoom in and out. Sub-optimal.

I check the options and extra toolbars but nothing shows how to get the old functionality back. Not happy so I search the Internet and find a post that explains all. The right button is now enabled to create the selection rectangle, a much smoother operation but not one I would ever have thought have trying.

Interesting to note that I only checked the product help to confirm what the forum said – it didn’t occur to me to go there first. Who uses the documentation for anything?

Another gripe not so easily resolved is that AR2010 now has proper activation codes. With AR2007, I could install the software on my desktop and netbook from the one product purchase but now I’ll need to buy two licences. I suppose I could install the licenced product on my desktop and just rely on the 60 day trial version on the netbook when I’m travelling.

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