Parking ticket

Played the odds and lost today.

Usually I go supermarket shopping after 6pm when it’s free to park at Waitrose; often we shop at Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s where the parking is free; normally one of us has some coins on them or there’s a bag of them in the Seat.

This time, though, it was mid-afternoon, our pockets were empty (as car park charges were far from our minds) and we were in the Toyota. I scanned the car park and decided to risk it only to find a parking ticket on the window when we returned half an hour later.

Needless to say, there is now a small bag of coins in the Toyota.

I’ll be paying on time too so I “only” pay £40 instead of £80.

The amount hasn’t caused me too much shock as I’ve been recently beaten up by beer prices (£3.50 a pint at the Hobgoblin!) and have started paying £7 for pub lunches.

I think I’ll just write the £40 off as a little extra council tax for Wokingham District – maybe I’ll even indirectly benefit a little!

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One Response to Parking ticket

  1. Sue Crawford, from John Valentine Breakwell's madrigal group says:

    Dear John,
    After looking at your blog (long story), I think you must be John V.’s son. I met you briefly at the reception at his home. (Hard to believe it’s been more than twenty years.) I’ve always wanted a photo of your dad, especially now that I’ve written something about him for a book. Would you mind emailing me a photo? I wouldn’t use it in the book unless you gave me permission–it’s just for me. Thanks, Sue Crawford

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