Great British Beer Festival 2011

As usual, I like to have a theme to my drinking and became inspired by the first tipple – Lord of the Rings!

Time drink started Brewery Tipple Tenuous link to theme
1:20 Half Two Towers Chamberlin Pale Ale Minas Morgul and Orthanc
1:36 Half Evan Evans Warrior Lots of these in the books
2:05 Half George Wright Pipe Dream Hobbits and Wizards smoke pipes
2:40 Half Everards Beacon Bitter I did initially think of Weathertop but that wasn’t a beacon; later research did, though, find the “Warning beacons of Gondor
3:00 Pint Youngs Gold The One Ring
3:37 Pint Marston’s Wychwood Hobgoblin Used as another name for an Orc
4:00 Pint O’Hanlon’s Stormystay [[The place was running out of beer]]
5:00 Pint Thwaites Lancaster Bomber [[The place was definitely running out of beer]]

So what looked a fun theme to follow quickly became a problem as the barrels started to empty (it being the last day).

The normal habit (hobbit?) of drinking halves to increase the range that could be tried was switched to pints when I realised how quickly barrels were running out and how long it sometimes took to get a drink.

These are just random happy people. I have no idea who they are.
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