Walking from Waterloo

9:15 and I’m strolling over Waterloo Bridge en route to a company meeting. There are some great views as you cross the Thames. The London Eye, Big Ben, foxes… foxes?


Yes, foxes.


This giant sculpture called Urban Fox had gone up outside the Hayward Gallery at the Southbank Centre. It’s around 25 feet high, made from straw bales and is supposed to represent the blend of country and city that can be found in London.

Rising above Victoria Embankment Gardens and Hungerford Bridge is a lovely, white building which some research eventually informs me is the Royal Horseguards Hotel. [[Google Earth has a fantastic 3D rendering of the buildings along the riverside.]]


After my meeting, I’m looking for lunch and spot an architectural modification on the corner of Sardinia Street and The Kingsway (nearly opposite the DataCash head office) that doesn’t look quite right. As you can see, the corner of the LSE building has been artificially filled in with an extension in the same design which appears to be … collapsing up? This is an art installation by Richard Wilson called “Square the Block”, sponsored by the LSE as part of its recent refurbishment.


One the way home and back across Waterloo Bridge, I have time to stand and compare the old and new along the sky line:

St Paul’s Cathedral – 1711 110 Bishopsgate – The Heron Tower – 2011 Tower 42 (originally National Westminster Tower) – 1980 30 St Mary Axe – SwissRe Building (“Gherkin”) – 2004



Canary Wharf (in the hazy distance) Tate Modern – 1963 OXO Tower – rebuilt 1929 The Shard of Glass (Under Construction) King’s Reach Tower – 1972

09010101 - Copy

Pretty much a mess.

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