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Curried beef and spinach soup

Today’s random stuff recipe is for curried beef and spinach soup. You will need for the base: Enough water 2 curry Oxo cubes 1 chicken Oxo cube 1 vegetable Oxo cube Handful of dried porcini mushrooms And for the main … Continue reading

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mini-White Van Man

Had a pleasant encounter with a mini-White Van Man this morning. Turning off the A4 onto Sonning Lane, I see said mini-WVM in my lane heading towards me overtaking an oncoming car just yards away from the junction. Impressed by … Continue reading

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Lost On The Underground

Today I was supposed to travel into London for a 60-90 minute training event on corporate ethics. The most important thing I learnt, though, was not how to avoid getting caught laundering money through gambling websites but instead that my … Continue reading

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Royal Mail gets Twitter

I’d Tweeted my gripes with parcel delivery to @RoyalMail to see if they’d respond. I was impressed to quickly receive a direct message with an incident number and an email address to write to if I wanted to raise a … Continue reading

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Lazy bastard postman

This is our front door. It faces our front garden and the public path that goes past. It has been raining heavily this afternoon so the ground is a bit wet. Indicated by the red arrow is a parcel left … Continue reading

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Asian Pumpkin Pie

Inspired by my friend Gavin’s garden produce, I have decided to make a pumpkin pie and finally use up the tin of pulp that’s been taking up space in the cupboard for a while. How long, you ask? Over 6 … Continue reading

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Dave Gorman’s PowerPoint Presentation

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