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On the way to DragonMeet

Not being a resident of London, my idea of how far places are from each other is almost non-existent and tends to be based on the Underground map (which should say “Warning – not to scale” on it.) So I … Continue reading

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Who’s being charitable?

I picked up some Cracker Drinks Company juice drink from Waitrose, partly because I wanted something to drink but also because it made such a bead deal of supporting the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. The carton explained: “We at Cracker … Continue reading

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Stay away from money-off vouchers!

Had a Robert Dyas voucher – spend £30 and get £5 off – which I thought I could make good use of. Surely the store would have a plethora of useful items I could purchase at a reduced price. No; … Continue reading

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D&D meets critical path analysis

Whilst doing the washing up I had a great design idea for my D&D group. Usually I keep doing whatever I am doing and hope to work on the thought when I have the time. Of course, 99% of the … Continue reading

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Boothby Graffoe by surprise

I’d bought a ticket to see Omid Djalili on a whim. I’ve only seen him on TV and not very often at that so took a chance. The highlights of the evening, though, were nothing to do with his performance. … Continue reading

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Xbox marketing team–very sick people

To celebrate 10 years of Xbox, I’m highlighting how the initial release was marketed to Microsoft staff in the UK. As you can see, the marketing department were a sick bunch of people. Note – Europe didn’t see the Xbox … Continue reading

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