Stay away from money-off vouchers!

Had a Robert Dyas voucher – spend £30 and get £5 off – which I thought I could make good use of. Surely the store would have a plethora of useful items I could purchase at a reduced price. No; I ended up going round desperately trying to find things to bring me up to £30.

  • We started off well – 2 blocks of special chocolate to become Christmas presents (£5)
  • Then 3 blocks of suet’n’seed to feed the birds with (another £5)
  • Hmmm… a stone pestle and mortar to replace the cast iron one that went a bit rusty and was thrown away ages ago; I know I’m never going to use the new set, though… (another £5).
  • An ice-cube tray. Yes, we have loads of useless trays (mainly bought by Sue from IKEA) and still rely on old blue plastic ones from who-knows-when which work nicely. These new ones, though, have push-pop nipples on the bottom which should revolutionise ice cube extraction in our household (£2)
  • A bowl scraper. You know when you’ve made a cake and are trying to get all the remaining chocolate mix onto the mixing spoon so you can eat it but there’s always some left around the side of the bowl? Problem solved! (£4 – ouch!)
  • A talking kitchen alarm clock to replace the old wind-up ringer. The replacement allows you to record a message like “your cakes are burning, you idiot!” (£3)
  • Some hooks to hang a clock on the wall; I do have some of these spare, I am sure, but no idea where they are… (£3)
  • Another fridge magnet – you can never have enough fridge magnets. If you feel you do then you just have a fridge that is too small. (£3)

Total £31 – Target finally reached! Five pounds saved! Sort of…



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