On the way to DragonMeet

Not being a resident of London, my idea of how far places are from each other is almost non-existent and tends to be based on the Underground map (which should say “Warning – not to scale” on it.)

So I decided to walk from Paddington to Kensington High Street as I could predict the travel time with reasonable accuracy, unlike that involved in traversing the Circle, District and Hammersmith lines which were undergoing maintenance today. I didn’t bother with the buses – I have NO idea where their routes go and their destinations are meaningless to me.

The best route was through Marlborough Gate and into scenic Hyde Park – no, wait a minute, that’s confusing, it’s Kensington Gardens – before exiting through King’s Arms Gate.

Here’s a snuggly drinking water fountain:


Would have taken more photos but I was running late.

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