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Sue’s Advent Calendar 2011

If your significant other ever says “wouldn’t it be lovely if you gave me a little token every day like an Advent Calendar” then poke them in the eye. This is bloody hard graft. You might think it easy to … Continue reading

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Don’t waste your parents – you only get one set (usually).

The PVP webcomic is a startlingly good view on people and their personalities. The depth of the characters is such that you can, like me, need to read the 3-4 panels every day to see how they are getting on. … Continue reading

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101 uses for an empty wine box bag

OK, I’ll start you off: Buoyancy aid (although if you’ve just emptied one, you’re unlikely to be able to either inflate it or hold onto it) Camping pillow Balloon (if filled with helium) … If you’re short of ideas, here … Continue reading

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Oh, a PayPal account warning that WASN’T spam. What are the chances?

I received the following recently and, as the content and layout all looked exactly like social engineering emails I see quite regularly, was just about to delete it as part of my regular Junk Mail clean-up when I noticed the … Continue reading

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Visitor to South Lake

Every few weeks/months, we have a walk round the lovely lake on our doorstep (well, 300 yards away). It should be much more frequent – such as natural treasure is surely wasted on us. The circuit, almost a mile if … Continue reading

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And I’ve named it Golden Earring

For Christmas, Santa bought me a HTC Radar C110e running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). Here’s a photo I borrowed from the Internet: So yet another in a line of HTC Windows smartphones that started for me years ago with a … Continue reading

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Highlights of the Christmas Day roast

A nice, simple affair – the three Breakwells plus my father-in-law – so not too much to make. The starter was going to be “Peach, Stilton and Parma ham wraps” but the peaches we bought were ones that take time … Continue reading

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Christmas calls for larger measures

Time to switch to my litre capacity drinking vessel to get into practice for Christmas. Weirdly, it doesn’t LOOK that large. I did think of putting a can next to it for scaling purposes but then you’d know what poor … Continue reading

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Car crash snacks

Sainsbury’s in their infinite wisdom have released a “Sweet Treat Snack Mix” which contains: honey roasted peanuts chocolate-coated raisins toffee-coated popcorn Now I love all three of these ingredients – each is an excellent, if calorific, snack which I would … Continue reading

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Horrible packaging rant – I should get out more

One of my pet hates is when companies change a product you regularly use, seemingly for the sheer hell of it. Most recent case is some Waitrose washing up liquid. Seemingly innocuous but it annoys me every time I see … Continue reading

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