Zombie Penguins!

Samantha found a lovely Christmas treat in the form of iced sponge cakes:


As you can see, very cute. Probably very tasty too. What it doesn’t say, though, in the recipe is “will try the patience of a saint.”

So, after many trials and tribulations, we have settled on Zombie Penguins instead. Basically we gave up making proper penguins but we feel the end result does have something going for it.


These are made up of two muffins (one large for the body and one small for the head) plus a layer of buttercream and sugar-ball eyes. There should be fondant icing wings, beak and Santa hat but … maybe next time.

Black buttercream is hard to make – the squid-ink-like food colouring was glugging away into the buttercream but we still only managed a battleship grey.

White buttercream is harder – you need to start with pure white butter as you can’t add “white” so any penguin belly will appear creamy coloured.

And applying buttercream to sponge is a bastard. Avoid at all costs.

This is all just mildly annoying compared to the effort entailed in getting my daughter to FINISH the project.

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