Horrible packaging rant – I should get out more

One of my pet hates is when companies change a product you regularly use, seemingly for the sheer hell of it. Most recent case is some Waitrose washing up liquid. Seemingly innocuous but it annoys me every time I see the new packaging.

Here’s the old product (yes, I’ve kept one to keep using):


For me this is a nice-looking product using neutral blues, blacks and silver. Notice the “500 ml” volume.

And now here is the mess they made when applying the “essential” brand:


The top is now a horrible red – not at all calm and neutral – and the washing brush looks like a virus (example below) on top of a cigarette end.

H1N1 virus
Photo credit: hitthatswitch / Creative Commons

And the back of the bottle shows the capacity is now 450 ml. So they ruined the design and you get less. Gah!

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