And I’ve named it Golden Earring

For Christmas, Santa bought me a HTC Radar C110e running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). Here’s a photo I borrowed from the Internet:


So yet another in a line of HTC Windows smartphones that started for me years ago with a second hand Orange SPV (HTC Canary). Actually, this is the first smartphone I’ve had that wasn’t someone’s cast-off.

I’m now getting used to the modern touch screens that no longer require a stylus. The typing is just as slow and error-prone, mind, so no great improvement apart from the fact I no longer need to worry about losing the pointing device. The swishy movements of the graphics as you sweep your fingers over the screen are lovely to watch with a cute bounce as you reach an end but can start to get tiresome when there is a long list to work down.

I haven’t put any music on it – I still have a 30GB Zune to listen to. What’s neat is that the Zune software on the PC works with both devices plugged in and allows you to synchronise as you wish.

The marketplace is so easy to use although I’m not sure there is much I want. To start with I’ve been looking at the free stuff and have come to the conclusion that 90% of the apps are either religious eBooks or ways of turning the phone into a flashlight. All I need to do is look through the remaining applications to see if there are any that provide a solution to problems I didn’t know I had. Otherwise it will just be games, games and more games.

A minor feature I miss is the ability to attach a wrist strap. I appreciated not being able to drop my previous phone when I was walking along with it in my hand. The Radar doesn’t necessarily look flimsy but I’d hate to see it skittering face-down across the pavement. Strap points should be standard on all such devices, regardless of aesthetics.

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