Visitor to South Lake

Every few weeks/months, we have a walk round the lovely lake on our doorstep (well, 300 yards away). It should be much more frequent – such as natural treasure is surely wasted on us.

The circuit, almost a mile if you include straying from the path, includes the usual crowd – swans, Canadian and Egyptian geese, mallards, coots, moorhens, herons, gulls and squirrels (the latter being in the trees).

Today we spotted some new visitors which we later identified as Tufted Ducks:


That picture was taken with the camera on my HTC Radar phone with a 5 mega-pixel sensor. While I had my old phone, I wished for a new one with improved photographic capability. Now I have a new phone, I’m still left wanting in the camera department. Looks like I’ll return to carrying around the old, faithful Casio QV-3000EX – it may only have a  3.3 mega-pixel sensor but at least it has a proper lens.

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