101 uses for an empty wine box bag

OK, I’ll start you off:

  1. Buoyancy aid (although if you’ve just emptied one, you’re unlikely to be able to either inflate it or hold onto it)
  2. Camping pillow
  3. Balloon (if filled with helium)


If you’re short of ideas, here are a few from the Self Sufficiency forum, SelfSufficientish.com:

  • Hang up inflated in the garden to scare birds
  • Bath pillow
  • Ice block maker
  • Put in cistern (partially filled with water) to save water each flush
  • Swimming pool toy
  • Insulation material (after filling with newspaper)
  • Filling with home made wine
  • Space hat (to keep out the mind probe rays)
  • Thermal blanket (like after a marathon; may need a few…)
  • Water reserve for radiator (store in car boot)
  • Put inside a leather pouch (for LARPers and re-enactors to use as an affordable wineskin)
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