Don’t waste your parents – you only get one set (usually).

The PVP webcomic is a startlingly good view on people and their personalities. The depth of the characters is such that you can, like me, need to read the 3-4 panels every day to see how they are getting on. Yes, I know they are digital pictures and not real human beings (or real cat, dog and … er … troll…) but the way they’re written makes you feel that they are flesh and blood … and fur.

The current story arc (which started 14/Dec/2011) becomes quite poignant and sad. The icon on the left links to the webcomic strip of the day with a plot synopsis on the right.

The Parent Trap Brent and Jade are awaiting the arrival of his parents with mixed feelings.
A Call To Arms Brent describes how his father never let him win at arm-wrestling, even now at the age of 60. [[This to me is fair – you should never let your children beat you at anything. That’s just how it is.]]
Baggage Claim No-nonsense father and granny-in-waiting mother arrive
Jarring Experience Brent is unable to open a jar of pickles in front of his father, who delivers a killer blow to the ego.
Dill-ettante Father opens the jar with ease and Brent has to challenge the alpha male to an arm-wrestle.
Meet Me Halfway Wrestling commences. [[“Over the top” seems to be a reference to some obscure Stallone arm-wrestling movie. Meh.]]
All too easy Brent … wins?
Cat’s in the Cradle Father admits that he’s getting frail so losing was going to happen eventually. [[Dads aren’t supposed to get old and weak, or die. They’re supposed to always be there for you.]]
Heart to Heart Cue chest pains [[This was an interesting turn in the story as my father-in-law had a mild heart attack in the week leading up to Christmas. Paul’s OK now heart-wise.]]
Unfalse Alarm Cue ambulance [[Paul rode in the special taxi too]]
The Chains We Forge Guilt listens to no logic. [[Best to ignore the last 3 panels or you’ll need to read the Krampus storyline to understand it]]
Prognosis As the doctor explains the procedures to follow, the room gets darker and gloomier and Brent regresses to a small, frightened child. [[I heard that medical stuff last week too.]]

So the story is still running and I’ve no idea where it will go but I know it’s not going to be an easy ride. I’m sure Scott Kurtz will have me in tears by the end.

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