Sue’s Advent Calendar 2011

If your significant other ever says “wouldn’t it be lovely if you gave me a little token every day like an Advent Calendar” then poke them in the eye. This is bloody hard graft. You might think it easy to find little items to fill the pockets and, indeed, it is the first Christmas. Then the next year you need another 24 items of a certain size and value, different from the last, and so on,  year in, year out. But I don’t regret taking on this challenge all those years ago – regret is for the weak. Christmas will not beat me…

Highlight of the collection is “The Madness Hamsters” chocolate square which exclaims:

Every night they visit you
Every night they come
And bit by bit
They steal your brain
And feed it to their MUM


1 Tesco plush key ring 13 Princess Meeple
2 Chocolate square (“The sheep of destiny”) 14 Rubber stamp (bauble)
3 Love Heart tea light (design #1) 15 Chocolate square (“The Madness Hamsters”)
4 Science Museum spirit level 16 Love Heart tea light (design #3)
5 Chocolate bear 17 Ninja Meeple
6 Fancy fold back clip 18 Gold ink for rubber stamp
7 Chocolate square (“Love Monkey”) 19 Flashing Rudolph ear rings
8 Monster Meeple 20 Small working clock
9 Mini Sharpie 21 Ear plugs!
10 Rubber stamp (tree) 22 Little torch that charges up off the car’s lighter socket
11 Love Heart tea light (design #2) 23 Green & Black Organic Milk Chocolate
12 Hand-shaped paper clip 24 Red carabineer torch
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