Adam Ant – that’s another box ticked

Sub89 is a decent venue – nice and central with a constant stream of small bands, both local and more well-known. Tonight is Adam Ant and the Good, the Mad and the Lovely Posse and the place has eventually sold out. That means no comfy seats and little space at the back, which  is the fullest I think I’ve seen it.

As Adam Ant’s career peaked 30 years ago, there is a particular age range in attendance with anyone NOT middle-aged being in the minority. The break-down between make and female was pretty balanced which makes a nice change.

We missed the first band as Sub89 has a habit of putting the warm-up on soon after the doors are open so it’s not usually a good idea to turn up some time later just because you think nothing will be going on.

Adam Ant and his band came on after 8 and played quite a long set although you’d have to be a real fan to appreciate that amount of his work. Obviously he sang the crowd-pleasers (“Ant Music”, “Prince Charming”, “Stand and Deliver”, etc.) but a lot of the rest of his repertoire can be hard-going – basically B-sides that you wouldn’t choose to listen to if given the choice, such that for half the set I played games on my phone.


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