Bye, bye, Burger King

It is with feelings of nostalgia that I note the passing of the Burger King at 147, Friar Street, Reading.


I can’t quite recall how long ago it was that I last went into this particular branch of the franchise as my eating habits have moved on to more up-market establishments (or Subway where I like the customise-your-meal concept and the visually appealing array of fresh salad).

It’s like the demise of the FW Woolworths chain – I never shopped there much from year to year but it was sad to see their shops disappear from the High Street (well, until the marvellous Clas Ohlson chain filled the space they left, that is). Same with this particular Burger King.

This particular food emporium opened in 1981 (I read) and Sue remembers having parties there as a child. I used to buy milkshakes there frequently (until they went through a period of vending machine failure or just didn’t keep them filled up) and recall with fondness the Kit Kat 2-for-1 vouchers that meant I could pig out on Bacon Double cheeses. Good times.

I’m not sure what will take over the vacant site. Friar Street is in the doldrums now that the Oracle sucks all the trade away, making it a haven for charity shops, bookies and Wetherspoons pubs.  Whatever it is, it is bound to be rubbish.


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