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Recognised by Microsoft…

This email was a pleasant surprise: Dear John, Congratulations! We’re pleased to inform you that your contributions to Microsoft online technical communities have been recognized with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award. The Microsoft Community Contributor Award is reserved for participants … Continue reading

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I’ll never be any good in Marketing

Looking for lunchtime refreshments in the local Co-Op (conveniently placed 150 yards away from the office), I noticed a Pepsi offer which seemed OK – £1.80 for a litre of coke instead of the usual £2.50 for a pair of … Continue reading

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Rat Wars is not going well

Currently the campaign to cleanse rodents from the garden is not producing the results I had hoped. There are three modes of attack: Two classic killer rat traps – these have been most effective and I have managed to slay … Continue reading

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Ashmolean Museum

The idea was to fill time before visiting Oxford Castle Unlocked (which definitely didn’t look like being an all-dayer) so we decided on spending some time in the Ashmolean beforehand. The museum has changed a bit in the 20 years … Continue reading

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100 Podcasts

Back in November last year I subscribed to the Collings and Herrin podcast and every day since have slowly worked my way through the backlog that had accumulated since they started recording them in February 2008. Today I’ve finally reach … Continue reading

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Ethical dilemma.

Now my family often have heated discussions about ethical actions that we may, or may not, have performed. Obviously I assume the morale high ground due to my upbringing. I was therefore in a quandry when the muppet-in-female-form, after struggling … Continue reading

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Rat Cage Trap

The cage is set up and active at the end of the garden. Will have to wait until the morning to see if anything will and furry is going to be inside glaring at me. I have a feeling the … Continue reading

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Pretty poor photo I know but I don’t get to see too many jays as they are very shy. I do not expect the cat which was sitting under the tree at the time waiting for the rats to come … Continue reading

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Coffee always best with a syrup

To get that special coffee flavour, you should have a decent stock of Monin syrups. The 5-pack that seems to be only available for Christmas is a good place to start: Crème brûlée Roasted hazelnut Gingerbread Praline Caramel The crème … Continue reading

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Compassionate Penguins

Now I’ve had a chance to read and listen to some of AF Harrold’s work, I feel it’s time to share one especially amusing piece. An Oulipian transformation was used – this is where nouns and adjectives in an existing … Continue reading

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