Baseball playing spiders

Boothby Graffoe has been taking time off supporting Omid Djalili to tour Britain flogging his “Bang! Is This Your Vehicle, Sir?” CD and tonight reached Reading.

The turnout was pretty disappointing – I don’t think I’d seen South Street with so few seats set out (maybe 100?) and there were still empty ones when the first session started. Boothby deserves much better than that and it’s not as if there’s much else going on in Reading to pull people away. Silver lining was that this meant the bar behind the seating was open and we didn’t have to walk to the main bar.

Boothby has a quirky repertoire that’s often quite funny but definitely not mainstream – more They Might be Giants or The Presidents of the United States of America than Mitch Benn. Both Boothby and Nick Pynn make good use of looping systems to produce some technically very clever music which is a pleasure to listen to. I haven’t seen anyone use glasses of water as backing music before.


If you’re planning to see Boothby on tour, “Lullaby” is definitely a song to prepare yourself for – put down any liquids or sharp objects when he introduces this one. It’s for the best.

There’s group participation singing – try to get a seat on the right as you get the easier lines that way.

And make sure you keep a tenner in your wallet to buy a CD from the back of his van after the gig.

[[And “Hi” to Iszi Lawrence who was relaxing in the audience.]]


I see from Twitter that Iszi was there because “Gig tonight is pulled! Nooooooo! But, secretly happy a i get to go see @boobygraffoe in Reading. He will cheer me/make me feel inadequate.

Update 2

Iszi was there with AF Harrold, who Sue recognised but I was unaware of.





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