100 Podcasts

Back in November last year I subscribed to the Collings and Herrin podcast and every day since have slowly worked my way through the backlog that had accumulated since they started recording them in February 2008.

Today I’ve finally reach #100 (if you exclude “Wales #1” podcast) which means I’ve listened to around 106 hours of these two people verbally abusing all and sundry. Actually, that’s mainly Richard verbally abusing Andrew but they spare a little time for other people. 106 hours. That’s averaging 80 minutes each workday. And it hasn’t actually become a chore yet. Definitely a better experience than listening to the radio on the way to work.

There are times, though – fortunately far apart – when I’m listening to the podcast and really want to hurl my Zune into the Thames. These are when the pair have a sceptic vs nutter conversation. I can empathise with Richard’s incredulity at some of the things Andrew comes out with. I’m reasonably positive that Andrew is not acting out a persona as that’s Richard’s field.

I’ve bought a ticket to see Richard Herring in mid-April – will have to see if I can catch up with the latest podcast by then.

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