Ashmolean Museum

The idea was to fill time before visiting Oxford Castle Unlocked (which definitely didn’t look like being an all-dayer) so we decided on spending some time in the Ashmolean beforehand.

The museum has changed a bit in the 20 years since our last visit – display space has increased 100% with the recent rebuilding – but there’s not a lot I remember from back then anyway.

Needless to say, we never left the museum in time to visit anywhere else.

Recommended / must-see

Opening only yesterday was “Sculpture And Sport: A Celebration for 2012” to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is a display of 30 bronze sculptures covering a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports and the quality is quite exceptional. I don’t, in general, appreciate sculpture but several of the bronzes definitely had a “wow” effect. The large judo sculpture was quite impressive but the small pommel horse bronze really had a feeling of movement to it. Also worth a mention was the Cycling Pursuit which had two small cyclists racing around a warped bike tyre. The display is only there until the 20th of May before moving on to Bath.


Other items of interest

Having declared my lack of interest in sculptures, the next couple of pieces are … sculptures…

This marble bust of Sir Christopher Wren seems full of life and (according to the Museum website) has been called “the best piece of sculpture made by an Englishman in the seventeenth century”. Difficult to disagree with that one.



The next sculpture is a large, brooding bronze of Satan, cast by Jean-Jacques Feuchère in the 1850s. The photo doesn’t really do the item justice, especially with the face.


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