Rat Wars is not going well

Currently the campaign to cleanse rodents from the garden is not producing the results I had hoped.

There are three modes of attack:

  • Two classic killer rat traps – these have been most effective and I have managed to slay one rat with these – no doubt this was the stupidest or greediest of the pack as the rest pay no attention to them. In fact I think the robins get through the peanut butter bait faster than the rats do.
  • One humane cage trap – this big, shiny metal contraption also is of no interest to the rats. As above, the robins are more likely to venture in to raid the peanut butter and Quality Street stash inside. Sue actually had to release one bird (that had triggered the trap) whilst being attacked by its mate.
  • One manned gun system (0.177” air rifle) – being an opportunistic method of termination, I’ve only been able to fire off 3 shots. The rats only come out during the day when the sun is shining brightly which means they are nowhere to be seen before I go to work and after I return. And even when I do have an opportunity to snipe at them, I’ll miss and they’ll disappear for a few hours.

So the scores on the doors are:

  • Dead – one rat
  • Captured – one robin

Looking forward to a more productive weekend…

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