My lovely kitchen floor!

Recently, and without any success, I’ve been shooting at the rats in the garden with my dad’s air rifle. My wife and daughter are all for elimination of the rodent problem but are wary of the device used to perform it with.

I decided to perform a test firing to demonstrate how penetrating a 0.177” pellet could be. Although I’ve fired a few air rifles and pistols in the past, I don’t recall using many targets more robust than cardboard bulls eyes or Airfix tanks. So I picked an orange that no one seemed to want to eat. To catch the pellet I put the orange inside a plastic waste bin and put that on the floor.

Now the rifle is just short of being a firearm at 16 Joules, about twice the energy of an air pistol. The little lead pellet whizzed through the orange, punched a neat hole through the bottom of the bin and flatted itself against the hardboard underneath the kitchen vinyl flooring.

Why couldn’t I have used a chopping board or a metal waste basket? I’d been looking after the kitchen floor since I redecorated the kitchen back in ‘10 and now I’ve shot it. In the distance I can just about hear the rats giggling in their tunnels.

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3 Responses to My lovely kitchen floor!

  1. Mario E says:

    I wonder how does your floor will look in a couple of Weeks, another shot?

  2. No, I’ll reserve the shots for the garden.

  3. A few more shots, in a neat body-shaped pattern will make it look deliberate. Voila Art!

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