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Cthulhu Versus Cancer

From the UK Roleplayers Forum: My friend Paul Fricker has released a Call of Cthulhu scenario — Dockside Dogs — to raise funds for Relay for Life, which is a cancer research charity. I played Dockside Dogs with him a … Continue reading

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Carcassonne Tournament #UKGamesExpo

Each year at the UK Games Expo there are a number of events which are part of the Grandboard Game Tournament run by Declan Waters: The UK Carcassonne Championship This is a qualifier to enter the world finals in October … Continue reading

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Bug Village for Windows Phone 7

I’ve been playing Bug Village on my phone for a while now. There are few free games worth playing on this platform so I’ve given it a go. It’s a basic resource farming game which you just dip into every … Continue reading

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Asking for trouble

The squirrel in the picture below is the first invader of its species in our garden since we moved in over in 1999. Considering how far away the woods are – the width of the road – that’s quite surprising. … Continue reading

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What annoys me (most) about modern action movies

I saw the Avengers movie last night and was impressed by the spectacle and the humour. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone that appreciates the superhero genre. There were times, though, when my enjoyment was interrupted by the way the … Continue reading

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Café Scientifique – “Our food in 2020: challenges facing society”

Tonight I went along to one of the monthly Café Scientifique events at the Déjà vu Bar, a presentation by David Gregory entitled “Our food in 2020: challenges facing society”. The rest of my family was otherwise occupied so the … Continue reading

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Architecture can definitely be inspirational

This picture is of the river side of Thames water’s head office. I find the glass-enclosed staircases very eye-catching. Whenever I see them, which is every day as I walk to the station after a long day at work, I … Continue reading

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