Reading Beer Festival 2012 – one day to go

Looking out the window at the weather, I decided to compose an ideal list of beers to sample later this week:

  1. Nice Weather 4 Ducks (Dancing Duck, Derby)
  2. Bring Me Sunshine (Tring, Tring)
  3. Reservoir Premium (Gates, Burton-on-Trent)
  4. Shoreditch Sunshine (Brodie’s, Leyton)
  5. Cloud Nine (Six Bells, Bishops Castle)
  6. Cornish Sunset (Rebel, Penryn)
  7. Four Seasons (Halfpenny, Lechlade)
  8. Sunsplash (Ramsbury, Marlborough)
  9. Stiff Upper Lip (By The Horns, Merton)
  10. Canute’s Conquest (Rudgate, Tockwith)

Forecast is:

  • Wednesday – rain; 8° – 17° C
  • Thursday – rain; 6° – 11° C
  • Friday – sun and showers; 4° – 13° C
  • Saturday – sunny; 2° – 10° C
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