Reading Beer Festival 2012 – day 1

The evening started off with fish and chips with a pint of Black Swan at JD Wetherspoons, chosen due to location, support for Real Ale and the CAMRA money off vouchers in my wallet. For some reason, the bar maid decided that my 50p-off-a-pint voucher meant I was entitled to a free pint. Always impressed by the training that staff get at JDW.

image image

Note the choice of garden, rather than mushy, peas.

Still with an hour to kill, I went to the festival site and signed in.

[[More text to follow]]

Drinks for the evening (half-pints unless specified]]

  • Black Swan (Vale) – pint
  • Orange Wheat Beer (Green Jack)
  • Orange IPA (Art Brew)
  • Legend of the Golden Geek (Beer Geek)
  • Dren (Boggart)
  • White Dragon (Brown Cow)
  • Doppelbock  (Art Brew)
  • Doctor Morton’s Moose Abuse Juice (Abbeydale)
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