Reading Beer Festival 2012 – day two

7pm start tonight so no pub meal in town beforehand. I did, though, have a wad of tokens earned from working on-site at the weekend so decided to try something from the various food vendors for free.


Chorizo pie, chips and mushy peas wasn’t necessarily a good choice. Although the chips and peas were hot, the pie was off the chilled shelf and cold pies don’t taste anywhere as nice as hot ones. Only having a spoon as cutlery didn’t help much either to carve up the solid pie. Should have gone for the hog roast…

Attendance was up on Wednesday but the weather was still cold and miserable. Tonight I was serving the national ales in Bar B which meant brewers in the “B to D” range, as demonstrated in the beer list below.

Drinks for the evening:

  • Taiphoon (Hop Back) 4.2%
  • Red Diesel (Geeves) 4.1%
  • Nice Weather 4 Ducks (Dancing Duck) 4.1%
  • Keeper (Cotswold Spring) 5.2%
  • Choc Orange Delight (Downton) 5.8%
  • Espresso (Dark Star) 4.2%
  • Honey Blonde (Downton) 4.3%
  • American Pale Ale (Dark Star) 4.7%

The Choc Orange Delight wasn’t particularly pleasant with a burnt taste which took me an hour to get through. On reflection, it would have been better to ditch it and try a different drink as I had enough beer tokens. The American Pale Ale, on the other hand, was pleasant enough but I had to ditch half of it as I’d lost track of time and needed to run for the last train home.

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