Architecture can definitely be inspirational

This picture is of the river side of Thames water’s head office. I find the glass-enclosed staircases very eye-catching. Whenever I see them, which is every day as I walk to the station after a long day at work, I think of two things.

  1. The columns are huge glass jars like you may have in the kitchen to keep dry spaghetti in.
  2. More amusingly – for me, anyway – is the imagined sight of someone with a big pile of loose sheets of paper falling down the stairs, filling the column with floating flecks of white. Obviously they don’t hurt themselves on the way. Maybe they are a trained stuntman and can roll over the foam-covered steps without too much trouble. There will need to be massive fans at the bottom of the shafts to keep the pieces of paper floating around as the person spirals down. Or how about two people bumping into each other at the top and having to chase their documents down the staircase, accidentally grabbing the wrong sheets and getting in each others’ way as they do.


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