Local History

Sometimes you’re walking along the street and you notice something that gives a hint of what used to be there and soon you’re digging through the Internet learning things you didn’t know.

Take this old advert from Coldicutt Street in Caversham:


So William Fisher used to be a local coal merchant with an outlet on Gosbrook Road. Checking the Internet, I find some content on the website of a local technology company, Mill Green Solutions. The following text is from a booklet they produced for the Mill Green Millennium party.

“In 1888 the land that became the orchard behind Florida Villa was sold to George Butler by William Fisher, a coal merchant.”

So how long has that paint been on the wall?

Also, where’s Mill Green and therefore the mill? The same page explains the mill stopped milling grain in the 1930s, was used to make cordite in WW2, became a cork factory, and was eventually demolished in the 70s. Every day, as I go to and from work, I walk past where it used to be. Now the land is called Heron Island and supports a number of river-facing houses, each with their own moorings. Do I hear £400,000?


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3 Responses to Local History

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  2. oceangervasi says:

    hello, iam looking at this building from my window right now, and i was wondering how old this was and what history it had. thanks for ur bit of facts i found it really interesting 🙂

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