Bug Village for Windows Phone 7

I’ve been playing Bug Village on my phone for a while now. There are few free games worth playing on this platform so I’ve given it a go. It’s a basic resource farming game which you just dip into every now and then to build homes and collect acorns. Not particularly a stretch but it passes the time.


I didn’t immediately realise what the revenue stream was for this game – it has no ads, for example, but instead taps directly into the Xbox Live Points system – and so quickly used up the initial allocation of free coins by accident. I’ve since managed to achieve level 19 without having to spend any money as there are a range of things to build which just require acorns to purchase. Spending money basically speeds up the game. Now, though, I’ve reached a task which says “build stuff that can only be done with money”. In this case I would need to use eight game coins which probably equates to £1 (10 coins is 160 XBL points). Spending £1 is no big deal if you put it against the overall value of the game instead of the valueless in-game content you’re actually buying but how much will I need to spend before I can complete the game? Completion here means collecting all 7 achievements and they are all “grindable”. Maybe if I spend some money then I can finish the game faster and so move on to something else?


Recently I decided to file a bug report (no pun intended) for a problem that was getting on my nerves:

Summary: Black screen during gameplay
HTC Radar C110e running Windows Phone 7.5. Seems to be a problem with too much activity causing screen to go black. The fixed parts of the UI (acorn score, coin total, exp, food, etc.) still display. Also, things like “Collect” labels will still show. Moving to far left or right usually helps as there is less calculation for those parts of the screen so mainly the middle third affected.

Having spent many years submitting bug reports, I was interested in how this would pan out. How you are treated is always a good indicator of the quality of the product group.

Thank you for contacting Glu Mobile Customer Care.
The Windows 7 platform is a new area for us and we are still working out some kinks in the port. We will be releasing updates periodically in accordance with Microsoft’s schedule. So it may be that your issue will be covered in the next update.
Meanwhile we have sent this report to the development team for review, Thank you for your feedback.
Glu Mobile Customer Care.

So basically “fingers crossed it’ll be fixed some time in the future – be lucky” and the problem set to “Solved”. Well, at least I received a response.

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