Cthulhu Versus Cancer

From the UK Roleplayers Forum:

My friend Paul Fricker has released a Call of Cthulhu scenario — Dockside Dogs — to raise funds for Relay for Life, which is a cancer research charity. I played Dockside Dogs with him a few years ago, and I can recommend it
without hesitation as one of the most original takes on Cthulhu that I’ve encountered. The press release follows, and the donation link can be found at the end.

Dockside Dogs (Cthulhu vs Cancer)

Paul Fricker (author of ‘Gatsby and the Great Race’, ‘My Little Sister wants you to Suffer’ and the forthcoming Seventh Edition Call of Cthulhu Rulebook) has released a modern-day Call of Cthulhu scenario. All monies raised are going to the Relay for Life (Cancer Research) charity.

Paul said, “I originally wrote Dockside Dogs a few years ago and I’m very proud of it, but doubt it would ever be released otherwise. At the time of joining the fundraising team a few months back I didn’t know my own father would be diagnosed
with cancer. Sadly the release of this scenario has co-ordinated with the day of my father’s death.”

Dockside Dogs is a modern-day scenario for 3-6 players and includes character sheets for Mr. Beige, Mr. Purple, Mr. Black, Mr. Red, Mr. Silver and Mr. Green.

PDF, minimum donation £3.25 / US$5 (include a reference to Dockside Dogs with your donation and Paul will email you the scenario soon after)


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