Silver lining

Tonight did seem a catalogue of disasters but on reflection this wasn’t necessarily the case.

  1. I’d been looking forward to eating at The Cape on Friar Street as on Mondays all food is half price and was disgruntled to find the place closed to the general public by an early evening private party. As a result I crossed the road to The Monk’s Retreat, one of JD Wetherspoon’s salubrious beer emporiums.
  2. I’d forgotten to replenish my wallet with CAMRA beer vouchers.
  3. Fish and chips were off the menu because the batter was still frozen.
I did encounter a couple of pints of Marlow Brewery’s Rebellion Mutiny, a lovely, refreshing beer, which removed the disappointment of not being able to save 50p. And with a reasonable view of the second half of the France-England match, I tucked into a Large Mixed Grill. It wasn’t half-price but, at a tenner, it was difficult to grumble, especially with a mouthful of sausage.  And only when I looked at the receipt later did I notice that the pint I bought with the meal was free because of the presence of steak on the plate. image
  1. Afterwards it was on to the Deja Vu Bar for some science. This month’s Café Scientifique was to be “CERN and particle physics by Professor Frank Close (Professor of Physics, University of Oxford). [[Obviously it couldn’t be a presentation by someone from Reading University as they closed the Physics Department down two years ago]]. Unfortunately, Professor Close had to cancel at short notice. Instead the talk was about Natural Beekeeping, which was quite some way from what I had come to see.

To my surprise, the talk was actually interesting. I learnt :

  • How hives are operated today may be helping to reduce bee numbers
  • Ancient Egyptians floated hives up and down the Nile
  • Honey doesn’t go off
  • Witches were supposed to have put hives by particular plants so that the honey would contain alkaloids
  • A good rule of thumb with natural beekeeping is “If you don’t know what to do, do nothing”

Also, I now have the bar’s Wi-Fi password. So, like the England match, we’ll call this evening a draw – didn’t get what I wanted but what I ended up with wasn’t at all bad.

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