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Do we need a new washing machine?

There’s been an on-going struggle between my wife and I over the washing machine. She has the strongly-held belief that our clothes are shrinking because the washing machine is faulty and so a new one should be purchased. I, on … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry couldn’t look like Johannes Gutenberg

Stored on the hard disk of our DVD player are numerous documentaries that we have recorded over the last three or four years and not yet watched. Today I dipped in and cleared out Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press … Continue reading

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Ice Age 4–at war with science

I like the Ice Age franchise but watching number 4 today was a strain at times. In fact, all of the times when they featured an iceberg or a tectonic plate movement. There were other aspects or themes that also … Continue reading

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How would the old Soviet Union do in the 2012 Olympics?

Being old enough to remember the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc’s attendances at the Olympics of the 1980s, I thought it interesting to see how the constituents are doing now after the Union’s collapse. Wikipedia lists the constituents of … Continue reading

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