How would the old Soviet Union do in the 2012 Olympics?

Being old enough to remember the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc’s attendances at the Olympics of the 1980s, I thought it interesting to see how the constituents are doing now after the Union’s collapse.

Wikipedia lists the constituents of the Soviet Union as:

Armenia · Azerbaijan · Byelorus ·Estonia · Georgia ·Kazakhstan · Kirgizstan · Latvia ·Lithuania ·Moldavia · Russian Federation ·Tajikstan · Turkmenistan · Ukraine ·Uzbekistan

If we group these countries together for extrapolating what the Soviet Union would achieve today (part way through the Olympics), we get:

  Gold Silver Bronze Total
Russian Federation 3 6 8 17
Ukraine 2   4 6
Kazakhstan 3     3
Belarus   1 1 2
Moldova     1 1
Georgia 1     1
Lithuania 1     1
Uzbekistan     1 1
Azerbaijan     1 1

Very simplistic, I know. There’s bound to be some sports where the number of medals is not possible for one country. But what is interesting is the comparison with the current table leaders:

  Gold Silver Bronze Total
USA 18 9 10 37
China 18 11 5 34
Soviet Union 10 7 16 33

Dissolution has definitely hit the Soviet Union hard and the quality is just not there. Will need to check back after the Olympics have finished, of course.

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